7 Ways to Keep Your Sanity on a Road Trip

We recently took a family vacation, including a 12 hour road trip. With 2 toddlers. In the car. For 12 hours. The last time we did this drive we had one toddler and one infant and it was ROUGH. Not happening this time, baby! So, in preparing for this trip, I was ready. Below are 7 ways to keep your sanity in a road trip:


7 Ways to Keep Your Sanity on a Road Trip



1 – From Grey House Harbor ~ Road Trip Kid Prep Organization:

This is an awesome idea to create personal storage space for the kiddos. I LOVE this idea!

Suction Cup Caddies on car windows for storage



2 – From Burlap and Denim ~ The Road Trip Pack List

My kids always need a flat surface to play and color on. This solves that problem in the best way possible.




3 – From The Krazy Coupon Lady ~ 17 Incredible Family Travel Hotel and Road-Trip Hacks:

This article has several awesome packing hacks to save space and sanity. Definitely check out the entire post.



4 – From Playdate Crashers ~ Cookie Sheet Travel Fun

So many creative ideas! (And even useful at home, too. Double win!)

Magnetic Letters



5 – From Creative Mama On A Dime.com ~ Relaxing Roadtrip Travel Activity

A little prep work goes a long way in keeping the littles entertained when they are confined to a small, confined space – like a 5 point harness.



6 – From Non Toy Gifts ~ Road Trip With Kids Busy Box

The best part about building a busy box is that you can pick up a TON of options to fill it at the dollar store. Or the dollar section at Target. True story.



7 – From 3 Boys and a Dog ~ Free Road Trip Printable Activities For Kids

This is an awesome round up of games for long road trips. Complete with fun, FREE printables!





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