Baby Foot Review

I’ve seen this product all over social media and I thought to myself, “I need to try that!”. The product is called Baby Foot. It claims to be an all natural foot peel that uses fruit acids to break away calluses and ugly, dead skin on your feet. It was made and manufactured in Japan and has been creeping up online and, recently, into brick and mortar storefronts all over the USA. So, of course, after seeing it all over Facebook and Pinterest, complete with pictures of these gnarly, peeling feet, I had to try it!


I tried Googling it first and I found out that Target carried it. The next day, after leaving work for the day I stopped by the Target next to my workplace to pick up my Baby Foot package. No dice. I Googled it again while in the store, thinking that I had misunderstood and after reading it a little more closely, I found that only certain locations carry it. And none of the stores I would drive by during my commute carry it. Bum-mer.


Amazon to the rescue! Obviously. I mean, Amazon doesn’t fail me. So as soon as I got home, I got on Amazon and saw that they carried Baby Foot peels in a single pack, double pack, and triple pack. Ok, done! Shayne is going  to have to try it with me. I asked (told) him about it the second he walked in the door that night. He told me to stop being a wife and to find myself some girlfriends. I laughed and I thanked him for being my girlfriend.



A couple of days later (thank you Amazon Prime!) my Baby Foot arrived. The packaging was pretty simple and there were detailed directions included. This is what they looked like:

"Baby Foot" foot peel

Front of box

"Baby Foot" packaging

Information flap on box

"Baby Foot" packaging

Foil packaging, containing booties

"Baby Foot" packaging - booties

Booties filled with the fruit acid solution



The directions were pretty simple. Soak your feet in clear water first, then stick your feet in the booties filled with the solution. Let them soak for an hour then rinse it off. After that, you wait. The peeling starts within a week or so. The solution smelled very strong, and very acidic but it wasn’t really a bad smell.  The instructions said that you could wear socks over the booties to make sure the solution got everywhere so I tried it but Shayne was good with just the booties. This is what we looked like while the booties were on:

Baby Foot Baby Foot Baby Foot



I read the reviews on Amazon and some people were peeling at 3 days and some didn’t start peeling until day 13. There really was a large window there. Shayne’s feet started peeling on day 4, mine on day 6. I was getting really impatient by that point. But once the peeling started, it was on! Everyday when I got home from work and took my shoes and socks off, I had skin flaking everywhere. It really was a mess. I even started wearing socks to bed because it was so gross. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures while the best peeling was going on. But here are a few of our feet peeling:

Baby Foot Baby Foot




Overall, I had a really good experience with Baby Foot. I loved the way my feet felt after all the peeling was finally done. They felt so soft and I hardly had any hard calluses left. I did have a few cracks that were still evident, even after all the peeling, which was kind of a bummer. I guess you can’t expect a miracle after all that time, right? I’m anxious to see how long this feeling lasts and how long it will be until I need another Baby Foot peel. Lastly, these are the final result. (Shayne got tired of me taking pictures of his feet and since mine were the more dramatic difference, I quit pestering him.) So, here you go:

Baby Foot Baby Foot Baby Foot



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