My Blog: I’m Back At It…So What’s Next?

I’m back! After 3+ months, I’m ready to hit this blog again. The time away made me think about my blog. As in… what’s next with the blog? It is so funny, I didn’t realize that I would be taking such a long break but life happens. So you all know that I have a full-time job. More often than not, when I have to take time away from writing it is because of some work event or big work project I am working on. This time was certainly not the exception.


I just opened a new location for the company I work for. And it was a ton of work. And a ton of fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat.  As I have been deep into this challenging project, I had a few realizations.


What's Next for the Blog?


When I first started my blog, I did it as a way to channel my creativity and work on a project that was my own, on my own time schedule. With no deadlines and nothing that would create extra stress. However, I always had the thought in the back of my mind that when I was ready, I could double down and monetize my blog to make a enough of a living that I could quit the full-time gig and spend the extra time with my kids that I wanted so badly. But you know what I have realized?


I love working.


As stressful as my job is (and it is), I really do like the work I do. I don’t always agree with everything and I definitely have my moments when I would really just like to throw in the towel but I enjoy working a real, brick-and-mortar job. I like being responsible for the overall success of my location….the thrill of the successes and the challenge of the problems. I REALLY like being in a position where I can make a difference in the lives of those I work with me and that work under me.


One of the things that appeals to me about blogging for a living is being your own boss. But you know what? I like being the boss of other people. Call me a control freak, I like that I get to call the shots.


So then the obvious question becomes, “Well, what about the time with your kids?”. I have incredible guilt about being a working mother. I have since I first found out I was pregnant with my first. If I didn’t have to work after giving birth the first time, I would have called off all other bets and stayed home with that baby and all others babies since then. But that was simply not my reality, as it isn’t the reality for the majority of mothers in the country in this day and age. But this is what I have learned: kids are resilient.


Children learn from you based on what you put into parenting. My kids are turds a lot of the time, but you know what? They are just fine. They have 2 committed parents with full-time jobs that work their asses off to take care of their obligations in the workplace and on the home front.


I am doubly blessed that I have a wonderful husband and partner in raising our kids. I just spent the last month working 12-19 hour days and you know how my children handled that? Just fine. And you know why? Because their dad picked up the pieces that I couldn’t. (He is truly a hero, by the way.) Shayne took care of all the dinners and all the bedtimes and all the day care pick ups and bathtimes. He worked his 11 hour days (including the commute) and then continued “working” taking care of our kids because we are a parenting team.


Don’t get me wrong, my kids missed me and I missed them terribly but don’t you think that those little boys will grow up watching their parents work and want to work hard like their parents did? I hope so.


I know that the next obvious argument here is, “Well, Janna, you know not everyone has a husband to help.” or maybe even, “Well, not everyone has a husband that is willing to do that.”. I do know that. I am painfully aware that there are thousands of single mothers out there. I also realize that not everyone is married to someone who is willing to put in that kind of effort. All I can speak to is what I know and in this case, this is how my little family makes life happen. I have a deep respect for the mothers out there that are not blessed with the support that I am.


Now, changing paths a little, after all these realizations about life and work, where does that leave my blog? What’s next? Well, let me tell you!


1 – My blog isn’t going anywhere!

I love having my outlet and my own project that I can continue to work on at my own pace. That hasn’t changed.

2 – I am re-committing.

My new location is open now and operating pretty well. That means that I am back to working my regular 9 hour days again (give or take). That frees up my time a little and I am going to get back to blogging once a week, which is the schedule I try to keep.

3 – I am going to keep learning.

I really love Pinterest (shocking, I know) and there are literally hundreds of thousands of resources about blogging and improving your website. I will continue to keep learning and improving.

4 – I have loose goals to monetize.

As some point down the road, I would still like to figure out if I can make money blogging. BUT, that is no where in the near future for me here. I am completely content with my life as it is. No need to get crazy here.



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