My Favorite Roller Bottle for Allergy Relief

Allergies. I have ’em. And when we moved to California they got 500 times worse. I am allergic to California. So about a year ago, I had tried nearly every allergy medicine available and I was mis-er-able. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get any kind of relief from the congestion, the sneezing, the coughing….I was truly at my wit’s end.


Enter essential oils.


I had heard a lot about essential oils and they were all over social media but I always thought that they were some sort of fad that I didn’t need to spend money on. Whoa, was I in the dark. ┬áSo I started asking friends and family if they used oils. Most said no, but some said they had and the ones who had used them all had VERY positive things to say. Then I started really doing some research. I read articles, I read testimonials, I read scam alerts and cautionary tales. I did a lot of reading on the whole idea of essential oils. I learned enough that I felt like it was safe to give it a go.


I jumped on Amazon and, again, did some research into which type of brand I was going to try. I could do a whole blog post about the process of deciding which essential oil brands to use. Ultimately, I decided on Eden’s Garden. (Since then I have tried a LOT of different brands and Eden’s Garden remains my favorite.) So, I ordered up a basic starter set, a 6 pack which included lemon, lavender, peppermint, sweet orange, tea tree and eucalyptus. A really good beginner’s set of oils.


So then, back to the matter at hand. As soon as I received my new oils, I had to figure out how to use them to help with my ungodly allergies. There are hundreds of recipes online and I tried a few things until I found one that helped.


My Favorite Roller Bottle for Allergy Relief


Allergy Relief Roller Bottle:

In 10 oz roller bottle, add

8-10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

8-10 drops Lemon Essential Oil

8-10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Fill remainder of bottle with Sweet Almond Oil



One of my favorite things about this oil blend is that I can also combine them in my diffusers around the house and not only do you get the benefit of allergy relief but it also smells AH-mazing.


Now, don’t be confused. This essential oil blend won’t solve all your allergy problems. What it will do is help make you more comfortable while you get through the misery. Just trust me, it is so worth giving it a shot!


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