That Little Girl Is Growing Up….

My daughter turned 18. The little girl that was just barely 9 years old when I met her. That little, fiery girl is now an adult by all legal standing. I’m not really sure how that happened. When does all that time pass??


You know the parent’s “curse”? The curse that your mom lashes out at you when you are that teenage punk storming out the door? : “I hope you get one just like you!! Then you will know what I have to deal with!”  I had that curse heaved my way on SEVERAL occasions. My mom didn’t even have to wait until biology had it’s chance to fulfill her curse. I married into the one that is just like me. And let me tell you….it has been a wild ride.


For instance, Lilo spent the last several months intentionally tormenting me with the countdown until her 18th birthday….exactly like I did to my mom. As a matter of fact, when the countdown started, I stopped the car I was driving and called my mom up to tell her I was sorry for being a shit. My mom laughed at me and said, “I told you so!”.


Lilo has grown into such an incredible woman. Intelligent, composed, and light-hearted when the situation calls for it. It is rare to find someone with such an infectious enthusiasm for life under the right circumstances…like in her role as a camp counselor. She is an accomplished artist at a young age and has had work exhibited in the community. Lilo is a great sister and all of her siblings love her. The boys don’t want to leave her alone anytime she comes to the house. They are crazy smitten with their sister. With such remarkable qualities already, she is also completely beautiful….with quite the sense of fashion.


Above all else, I am so proud of this girl. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has grown and become a leader rather than a follower. Instead of being that shy, timid little girl, she is now brave enough to order her own meal in a restaurant! She’s come a long way. 🙂


I love this girl!

Lilo's18th Birthday - My little girl is growing up



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