Painted Rock Bugs – A Simple Project to Keep Them Outdoors

I’m always on the lookout for opportunities for my boys to get their creative juices going. Fortunately they love to be outside and playing in the sunshine. They are experts at running around, digging holes and getting dirty. They like being busy. So, it really doesn’t take much to convince them to try new crafty projects. The concept for painted rock bugs came to me when the kiddos started bringing me rocks as treasures. I had seen similar ideas on Pinterest so I decided to give it a go with the growing rock pile the boys were collecting.


Every time I have a project to try I tell the boys I have a “new idea”. I’m not sure where it started but whenever I say I have a “new idea” their eyes light up like “OK, Mom! What are we going to do today??!!”.   It  makes it pretty exciting for me too. 🙂 It was no different this time!


Painted Rock Bugs - An easy project to keep the kiddos outdoors


I have organized all our painting supplies into one big tote box so I grabbed that box while I had Destruction and Mayhem pick up all their rocks. I put some brown packing paper down to keep the mess to a minimum on the patio. The last time I was at the dollar store I bought a couple of kid’s aprons and that also helped keep the mess in check. We set up our craft area right there in the great outdoors(ish).


Now, my kids are 2 and 4 so they aren’t at the point of creating faces and details on the rocks yet. So I had them each pick out 3 rocks and the colors they wanted to paint them. I gave them paintbrushes and let them go to town. They did a great job mostly and especially had a lot of fun. It was a good break from running around outside so when they lost interest in the painting, they were just right back at playing with the sticks and dirt. As I sat outside with them I finished up the faces and created the little bugs.


Later that evening after they had dried, I glossed the rocks with a clear sealer. I figured that would be necessary since the boys didn’t want to leave their new upgraded rocks alone.


This was a really fun project for all of us. It was as easy as opening a cupboard since everything we needed was already in the house. I especially loved it because it extended the amount of time my kiddos stayed outside playing instead of in the house looking at a screen or driving me crazy. 🙂


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