My Thoughts on That Heartbreaking Post

This story has been circling Facebook and has been on my newsfeed for a couple weeks now. It is a heartbreaking post from Nolan’s mom. Nolan Scully is a 4 year old boy who passed away after a long and hard fight with pediatric cancer. He passed on February of this year. His mom wrote this beautiful post about him, his life and the way he touched her life and the lives of so many others. This post has now gone viral and has touched the lives of so many more people, including myself.


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CLICK to read the original post from Nolan’s mom


I read this one night about a week ago as I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep. I was in tears. Sad, heartbreaking tears for this mother. For all the mothers whose babies are fighting this fight.


After I read the post, I started to read the comments. Hundreds of mothers posted pictures of their own babies gone too soon. With each new story, my heart felt more heavy and the tears became a little stronger. How do these mothers go on? How do they get out of bed? How do they get past the hurt? The anger? What I can only imagine as crippling grief?


I’ll be taking extra time to read one more story. I’ll be more patient when they want to help cook dinner or help clean dishes. I’ll sit with them until they are ready to leave. I’ll give them more of what they want more than anything…. time.


Hold your babies close. Breathe them in. Be kind. Mommas, be kind to each other. You never know the battles someone is fighting in their own personal war.


My Thoughts on that Heartbreaking Post

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